Essential Over-the-Counter Drugs for the Summer Period

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When your business offers over the counter medications taking a seasonal approach makes life easier for your customers. During the summer period, those who buy from you may encounter unique medical challenges. As such, it's wise to find an OTC pharmaceutical supplier who can meet your summertime needs. Medicine cupboard essentials for sunburn With one in eight adults and one in five teenagers experiencing sunburn over a normal summertime weekend, many will seek temporary relief to make their symptoms less severe.

29 January 2019

Managing the Side Effects of Kidney Cancer Treatment

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Although receiving treatment for either bladder or kidney cancer is life-changing in many ways, it does come with side effects. While you're looking towards your recovery, managing the symptoms and sensations you experience can bring additional comfort. With the right support and knowledge, you'll feel more comfortable. Dealing with a higher risk of infection In order for kidney cancer treatment to remain effective, it dampens your body's natural response to infections.

27 December 2018

Two factors to consider when choosing a new primary care doctor


If you're currently searching for a new primary care doctor in your local area, here are two factors you should take into consideration before choosing a specific GP. Gender Whilst the gender of your new doctor might seem inconsequential, it could actually end up being quite important. The reason for this is as follows; it is absolutely vital to ensure that you feel comfortable with your chosen GP, because if you are too shy or embarrassed to discuss an intimate health problem with them because, for example, they are a man and you are a woman (or vice versa), then you may end up postponing important medical examinations and subsequently developing a serious illness as a result.

9 November 2018

Should You Be Worried if Your Child Needs to Take Nuclear Medicine?

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If one of your children needs to undergo some specific tests in order to diagnose a medical condition, your consultant may have mentioned the term "nuclear medicine" early on in the discussion phase. If you're like most people, you may never have heard of this option and, just like other people you may be somewhat stressed, as they very word "nuclear" has negative connotations in society. Although you needn't be so worried as this is simply a specialised form of radiology, you will nevertheless want to know what it's all about.

28 September 2018

Different Types of Hypnotherapy Treatments You Can Consider


Hypnotherapy has steadily gained traction over the years as people search for alternative treatments to boost their wellness. Moreover, hypnotherapy treatments can be employed to treat many issues you may be facing, including depression, quitting smoking, losing weight and so on without the need for medication. However, when you elect to undergo a hypnotherapy treatment, you need to be aware of the different options that you could consider so that you can select the most suitable option for your needs.

29 August 2018

How Your Skin Cancer Check Can Help You Slow Down Ageing

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If you enjoy spending time tanning, the chances are you should head for a skin cancer check. Although most incidents of skin cancer occur when someone is in their 60s, an increasing number of individuals in their 30s onward are receiving a diagnosis. As such, if you have a history of using sunbeds or tanning outdoors or you notice a suspicious change in your skin's appearance, you may want to contact a specialist for a skin cancer check.

30 June 2018

Two reasons to use at-home disability care services if one of your family members develops a disability


If one of your family members has developed a physical disability that makes it difficult for them to look after themselves, you should consider using an at-home disability care service. Read on to find out why. It can improve their quality of life A severe disability can have a serious impact on the quality of a person's life. Being unable to do things that they once did with ease (such as taking a shower, preparing a meal or socialising with friends) can be incredibly disheartening and can affect a person's mental and emotional wellbeing.

21 May 2018

Four Essential Safety Tips for Contact Lenses


Contact lenses are ideal for correcting vision problems because they provide all-round vision improvement. In simple terms, standard eyeglasses will improve your seeing issues, but there are gaps which will not be covered. With contact lenses, you will not suffer from gaps in coverage. Also, contact lens will not interfere with your facial appeal. You can even choose coloured lenses to enhance your facial aesthetics. Unfortunately, this type of eyewear can be challenging to use.

18 April 2018

Why You Should Always Wear Your Eyeglasses


If an optometrist has prescribed glasses or contact lenses for you, it's important that you wear them as recommended. You may think that you can get along just fine without your glasses, or may not find your contact lenses to be very comfortable, but there are some very good reasons why you should always follow your doctor's recommendations in these cases. Note why that is, and be sure to talk to your optometrist if you find glasses or contact uncomfortable, so you can get something that does work for you and that you can use as prescribed.

15 March 2018

Physiotherapist's Tips on How to Achieve Long-Term Relief for Plantar Fasciitis

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Plantar fasciitis is a sharp pain in the heel experienced mostly by runners or people who walk over long distances. The pain that runs from the heel to the arch of your foot is usually worse in the morning and can be minimized by doing some stretches and warming up before the run. For people who suffer from persistent plantar fasciitis, various treatments like icing, steroid shots, and painkillers are explored for short-term relief.

25 October 2017