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I've experienced several periods of depression throughout my adult life, and while prescription drugs have proved helpful, I've been keen to explore drug-free ways to manage and treat my depression. I started this blog to share my personal experience battling this illness and the alternative treatment options I've tried, including dietary supplements, talking therapies, meditation, relaxation exercises, massage and acupuncture. I also post about current research on the effectiveness of holistic therapies at treating depression, and the blog contains guest posts written by others with depression who have tried drug-free treatments. I hope you find the information on this blog useful.

Why Your Laptop May be Causing You Pain and Suffering

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Are you a laptop warrior? This is somebody who may frequently travel for work and will need to engage with their laptop in a hotel room or shared workspace in order to achieve their objectives. They may have a home office environment which is set up properly for the times when they are back at base, but they don't pay as much attention to their body's configuration when they're on the road. If you're in this situation and have been complaining of back or neck pain, you need to take some action.

Mastering the Laptop

A laptop may be a very convenient tool, but it's not very flexible. It can be quite difficult to adjust its position when you're working on it and especially when you're in an unfamiliar environment. You may think that you can automatically adjust for this scenario and that it shouldn't cause any issues, but you'd be surprised how the body automatically adjusts itself whenever you're concentrating on your work.

Inevitable Problems

Of course, your eyes can move up and down and may do so as they scan a document on any screen. However, your body will subconsciously adjust itself to ensure that your eyes are usually pointing straight ahead at the middle of the screen, no matter where you have placed your laptop. In other words, you will slouch forward, drop your head and place yourself into a very unusual situation for, sometimes, long periods of time. It's hardly surprising that you are now encountering some problems associated with this chronically poor posture.

Proper Placement

At the very least, you need to elevate your laptop so that your eyes are pointing towards the centre of its screen when you are sitting in a normal and upright position in your chair. For some people, this will mean balancing the machine precariously on a pile of books, but others may invest in a portable stand that they can carry with them when they go from place to place. This is the perfect solution as it is infinitely variable, and you'll be able to work effectively without any strain. Just remember, however, that you will also need to invest in a wireless mouse and keyboard, as the keyboard on the laptop device will be elevated and therefore out of reach.

Urgent Action

As you plan to make changes for the future, you've nevertheless got to deal with your current aches and pains. Talk with an osteopathy treatment doctor, as they will be able to help you fix the damage that you've caused and enable you to get back to normal.


20 May 2019