Alternative Treatment Options For Depression

I've experienced several periods of depression throughout my adult life, and while prescription drugs have proved helpful, I've been keen to explore drug-free ways to manage and treat my depression. I started this blog to share my personal experience battling this illness and the alternative treatment options I've tried, including dietary supplements, talking therapies, meditation, relaxation exercises, massage and acupuncture. I also post about current research on the effectiveness of holistic therapies at treating depression, and the blog contains guest posts written by others with depression who have tried drug-free treatments. I hope you find the information on this blog useful.

Essential Over-the-Counter Drugs for the Summer Period

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When your business offers over the counter medications taking a seasonal approach makes life easier for your customers. During the summer period, those who buy from you may encounter unique medical challenges. As such, it's wise to find an OTC pharmaceutical supplier who can meet your summertime needs.

Medicine cupboard essentials for sunburn

With one in eight adults and one in five teenagers experiencing sunburn over a normal summertime weekend, many will seek temporary relief to make their symptoms less severe. In addition to the usual cooling aids and after sun treatments, both Ibuprofen and Aspirin may feature high on their treatment list. Both reduce some of the inflammatory chemicals the body produces in response to sunburn, which can then make their recovery less painful. Find an OTC pharmaceutical supplier that offers varying doses to ensure people of all ages and weights can meet their needs. 

Rehydration sachets for heat stroke prevention

Heat stroke can soon become serious when those who spend a lot of time in hot conditions don't take the right steps towards preventing it. Some of the more severe symptoms arise as a result of dehydration, which causes the electrolytes in their bodies to become imbalanced. Symptoms such as dizziness and a high temperature are often indicators of heat stroke. Your customers should always take necessary precautions towards maintaining good hydration, but if they fall short they may find that rehydration sachets correct some of the imbalances that cause worrying symptoms.

Fast-acting treatments for tackling thrush

Although vaginal thrush can occur at any time of year a combination of hot weather and tight clothing can make the condition more likely. Thrush occurs when a bacterial imbalance allows the fungus to thrive, resulting in uncomfortable symptoms such as itching. Over-the-counter anti-fungal treatments such as pessaries and creams are popular and easy to access. For those who don't want to wait to make a GP's appointment to resolve their condition, they also provide rapid relief with maximum convenience.

Cystitis relief sachets

Another common culprit that could occur a little easier during the summer months is cystitis. Much like thrush, bacterial imbalances can play a role and a lack of adequate hydration could make the condition worse. Although it's advisable to visit a medical professional for a formal diagnosis, cystitis sachets may make symptoms such as burning sensations less severe, resulting in a little more comfort between the condition starting and receiving appropriate antibiotics.


29 January 2019