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Two Common Mistakes People Make When Getting an Eyebrow Feathering Treatment


More and more people are now treating themselves to a procedure that is commonly referred to as 'eyebrow feathering'; this involves using tattoo-like equipment to draw lines that look like brow hairs in order to make a person's eyebrows look fuller and tidier. Here are two of the mistakes that are made by the people who decide to have this cosmetic procedure done.

Not taking their future hair colouring plans into consideration

When a person asks a beauty therapist to perform an eyebrow feathering tattoo procedure on them, this professional will help them to decide what colour ink they should use to create their new brows. In most cases, the colour that is chosen is based on several factors, including the person's current eyebrow colour, their skin tone and their hair colour. One mistake that people sometimes make during this point of the treatment is picking a shade of ink that matches their current hair colour. If the person who does this has plans to dramatically alter their hair colour in a few months' time, then this could result in them having to get the colour of their new brows corrected long before they start to fade.

For example, if a person with bright red hair opts for a brow ink that has a very warm, reddish hue and they then decide to dye their hair platinum blonde a couple of months after having this procedure, their brows will clash very badly with their new hair colour. Similarly, if a person with silvery grey hair chooses a very cool-toned, pale ink and then dyes their hair black sometime after this, their brows will not match their hair at all, and they may have to get darker ones tattooed on by their beauty therapist. As such, those who decide to splurge on this procedure should take their future hair plans into consideration before picking a specific ink colour.

Requesting that the beauty therapist create a very on-trend brow shape

Some clients of beauty therapists who request this procedure ask for a brow shape that is very trendy. This can sometimes be a mistake, because the results of an eyebrow feathering treatment can last well over a year in many cases. Beauty trends, however, can come and go in a matter of weeks or months.

As such, if a person asks for a brow shape that is on-trend at the moment, they may regret their choice in a few months' time if the shape goes out of fashion and they have to put up with having dated eyebrows for many more months.

For more information about eyebrow feathering tattoos, speak to a professional.


11 October 2019