Alternative Treatment Options For Depression

I've experienced several periods of depression throughout my adult life, and while prescription drugs have proved helpful, I've been keen to explore drug-free ways to manage and treat my depression. I started this blog to share my personal experience battling this illness and the alternative treatment options I've tried, including dietary supplements, talking therapies, meditation, relaxation exercises, massage and acupuncture. I also post about current research on the effectiveness of holistic therapies at treating depression, and the blog contains guest posts written by others with depression who have tried drug-free treatments. I hope you find the information on this blog useful.

Different Types of Hypnotherapy Treatments You Can Consider


Hypnotherapy has steadily gained traction over the years as people search for alternative treatments to boost their wellness. Moreover, hypnotherapy treatments can be employed to treat many issues you may be facing, including depression, quitting smoking, losing weight and so on without the need for medication. However, when you elect to undergo a hypnotherapy treatment, you need to be aware of the different options that you could consider so that you can select the most suitable option for your needs. The article below lists a few of the different types of hypnotherapy treatments that are available.

Cognitive hypnotherapy treatment

This type of treatment utilises hypnotherapy to put your subconscious mind in line with your consciousness. This alignment helps in making the patient have a better understanding of the reality they are facing rather than forming judgements based on their biased perceptions. With cognitive therapy, you get the chance to increase your likelihood of achieving your personal goals and sticking to your values.

Ericksonian hypnotherapy treatment

Milton Eriksson developed this branch of hypnotherapy. Milton was a psychiatrist that focused on both medical hypnosis as well as family therapy. The main way that Ericksonian hypnotherapy treatment varies from other forms of treatment is that it primarily employs indirect suggestion to help alter the patient's behaviours.

Hypnotherapy with psychotherapy

This integrative approach to hypnotherapy will utilise traditional forms of hypnosis in tandem with different branches of psychotherapy such as psychodynamics, mindfulness and so on. While a hypnotherapist conducts other forms of hypnotherapy, this form of treatment will require a professional that is also trained in psychotherapy. This type of hypnotherapy treatment is usually best for uprooting deep-seated problems that the patient may be suffering from and will need intensive sessions to overcome them.

Hypnoanalysis treatment

This form of hypnotherapy treatment draws on theories put forward in analytical psychotherapy. The primary aim of this form of therapy is to identify the triggers that are causing the patient to experience the problems that are afflicting them. Diagnosing the cause of the discontent works to get rid of the negative associations that you are holding on to, which in turn can assist in resolving the problem that you are dealing with. It should be noted that hypnoanalysis treatment requires several sessions to be successful, as the patient needs to develop a trustworthy relationship with their therapist if they are to feel safe enough to open up.  


29 August 2018