Alternative Treatment Options For Depression

I've experienced several periods of depression throughout my adult life, and while prescription drugs have proved helpful, I've been keen to explore drug-free ways to manage and treat my depression. I started this blog to share my personal experience battling this illness and the alternative treatment options I've tried, including dietary supplements, talking therapies, meditation, relaxation exercises, massage and acupuncture. I also post about current research on the effectiveness of holistic therapies at treating depression, and the blog contains guest posts written by others with depression who have tried drug-free treatments. I hope you find the information on this blog useful.

Four Essential Safety Tips for Contact Lenses


Contact lenses are ideal for correcting vision problems because they provide all-round vision improvement. In simple terms, standard eyeglasses will improve your seeing issues, but there are gaps which will not be covered. With contact lenses, you will not suffer from gaps in coverage. Also, contact lens will not interfere with your facial appeal. You can even choose coloured lenses to enhance your facial aesthetics. Unfortunately, this type of eyewear can be challenging to use. Therefore, if you are planning on obtaining contact lenses for the first time, you should use the tips below for personal safety.

Clean the Eyewear and Case

You should not allow your contact lenses to build-up a layer of dirt or accumulate harmful microorganisms. You must clean the eyewear on a regular basis with an appropriate solution as instructed by your optometrist. You should also note that the contact lenses can become unsanitary due to the accumulated dirt in your storage case. Therefore, you should clean and disinfect the casing frequently to avoid contaminating the eyewear.

Manage Your Lens Solution

You should ensure that the solution used for storing and maintaining the condition of the contact lenses is in good condition. An unsuitable product could damage your lenses and even harm your eyes. Ideally, you should purchase the solution recommended by your optometrist to avoid unexpected problems. You should replace the solution as indicated by the manufacturer. Do not top off the old solution because they dirt will still remain in the case. Additionally, you must avoid using inappropriate wetting solutions on your contact lenses. For instance, you must never place the lenses in your mouth.

Replace Your Lenses

You should not use your contact lenses for a longer period than recommended. In general, modern contact lenses are long lasting. However, they are not everlasting. They will deteriorate with daily usage. Their shape will change, causing eye irritation. Also, their degradation could result in a decline of their effectiveness in correcting your vision problems. Therefore, you should follow your doctor's recommendations on the regular replacement of the lenses.

Wear Makeup with Care

Finally, you should wear your eye makeup with care if you are a contact lenses user. If makeup gets in your eyes, it will not be flushed out directly by your tears. It could stick to your lenses causing discomfort, abrasions and poor vision. It is advisable to wear the contacts before using makeup and take the lenses out before removing the products. You should also avoid touching the lens with any makeup and opt for non-allergenic products.

Talk to your optometrist for more tips on proper care. 


18 April 2018