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4 Benefits of Using a Diaphragm Rather than Condoms When You're in a Relationship

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Unlike diaphragms, condoms are effective at preventing STIs and STDs from spreading. However, this isn't a concern that is likely to be as important once you've found a long-term partner and both of you have been tested.

When you know you're both clean, you can have sex and be free from any fears of disease or infection; of course, there are still unplanned pregnancies to consider. Diaphragms can protect against fertilisation too, and they hold a number of benefits over condoms, especially if you're only sleeping with one committed partner.

Here are just four.

1. Diaphragms Don't Interrupt Your Passion

Your partner just took you out on an awesome date, now you're back at home and things are getting hot and heavy. If you rely on condoms, the mood is going to be slightly broken by having to fish one out, remove it from its packaging, and then put it on the penis. However, a diaphragm can be inserted a couple of hours before intercourse, so you can be ready to go before things start heating up. This doesn't just help things flow better – it can also prevent you getting carried away in the moment to the extent that you skip birth control altogether.

2. Diaphragms Make Sex Feel More Natural

Condoms must have stopped millions of unplanned pregnancies and prevented huge numbers of people from contracting STDs and STIs, but few people actually enjoy wearing them. Even after the troublesome business of putting them on has taken place, it's common for both men and women to prefer the real thing. When you wear a diaphragm, you'll be protected from unplanned pregnancies, but without that awkward latex barrier in the way.

3. Diaphragms Are More Economical

Most people don't have one-night stands every day; if you're not having sex with a regular partner, the cost of condoms isn't likely to prove prohibitive. However, you'll probably find yourself having sex on a more regular basis if you're actually in a more committed relationship. When you're having sex often, the cost of condoms can get a little bit much. Diaphragms are reusable for at least a few years, so their higher initial cost should eventually pay for itself.

4. Diaphragms Can Be Just as (or More) Effective

You might be worried that diaphragms are less effective than condoms; after all, your partner will still be ejaculating inside you, so couldn't some sperm get through? Well, neither condoms or diaphragms are infallible, but experts actually predict that the latter can be better. Diaphragms have been rated as 98% effective during perfect use and 88% effective during typical use; condoms score the same 98% rating during perfect use, but just 82% during typical use.


18 November 2016